Monthly Archives: July 2018

Environmental Perspectives

I am an environmental engineer and was a consultant on that topic for 45 years.  I am sharing some of what I’ve learned through 3 lectures that I’ll give to whoever wants to listen and wants to pay for my travel.  This lecture is the most technical of the three and is about topics I…
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Zoology: Exploring the Animal Kingdom as Academic Pursuit

Defining Zoology Biological life on planet Earth is undoubtedly immense and the subject that studies it – biology – is such a vast area of study that no graduate in the subject could hope to understand all of it. Increasingly, biology graduates are looking for ways to find their niche early and focus on one…
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Climatology: The Science of Global Weather Systems over the Long Term

What Climatology Is Climatology, or sometimes known as climate science, is the study of the Earth’s weather patterns and the systems that cause them. From the ocean oscillations to trade winds, pressure systems that drives temperature, airborne particles that influence local conditions and even the phases of the moon and Earth’s wobble all affect the…
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