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Zoology: Exploring the Animal Kingdom as Academic Pursuit

Defining Zoology Biological life on planet Earth is undoubtedly immense and the subject that studies it – biology – is such a vast area of study that no graduate in the subject could hope to understand all of it. Increasingly, biology graduates are looking for ways to find their niche early and focus on one…
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Is Environmental Science Really a Good Major?

Is Environmental Science Really a Good Major? Imagine your family has been asking for years what you will specialize in when you go to college and you have just decided to change from “undeclared” to environmental science”. Will you be met with blank stares, head shakes, or grumbles about “you’ll never do anything good with…
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What We Wish We Had Known before Majoring in Environmental Science

If given the chance to do it all over again, a small group of Environmental Science majors were asked what they wish they had known before they started.  The list may surprise you!  Some themes were more common than others, but you should find some helpful hints! Take Your Chemistry Classes Seriously Chemistry is everywhere! …
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