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Environmental Perspectives

I am an environmental engineer and was a consultant on that topic for 45 years.  I am sharing some of what I’ve learned through 3 lectures that I’ll give to whoever wants to listen and wants to pay for my travel.  This lecture is the most technical of the three and is about topics I…
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Environmental Management and Its History

I was an environmental consultant for 45 years.  Along the way, I studied the history of how environmental management evolved in the United States.  From understanding that history, one can appreciate: how far we’ve come; and how to avoid new trouble. Today, the US environment is almost totally regulated.  There are still flaws in our…
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Is It Safe? Raising Environmental Questions

When I hear this question, I think of Lawrence Olivier in Marathon Man probing Dustin Hoffman’s teeth to make him reveal the diamonds.  Today I repeat the question, but hopefully without the toothache. Albert Einstein said, “the environment is everything that is not me.”  Actually, “me” is definitely part of the environment.  It took us…
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