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Cultural Resources 101: Part of the Federal Environmental Process

The federal environmental process includes a myriad of individual subjects but there are five big players.  These are cultural resources, biology/ecology, hazardous materials, public outreach/involvement and permitting.  Cultural resources are relevant for every single federal project that must go through the environmental process.  The field encompasses archaeology (prehistoric and historic), historic architecture and Native American…
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What Environmental Data Can Tell Us about the Greenland Vikings

The study of the people of the past is called archaeology. The discipline has been around for several hundred years but has undergone vast change in that time. The romantic ideal of the treasure hunter searching for items of national interest is long gone. The modern archaeologist is as much a manual labourer as a…
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Is Environmental Science Really a Good Major?

Is Environmental Science Really a Good Major? Imagine your family has been asking for years what you will specialize in when you go to college and you have just decided to change from “undeclared” to environmental science”. Will you be met with blank stares, head shakes, or grumbles about “you’ll never do anything good with…
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What We Wish We Had Known before Majoring in Environmental Science

If given the chance to do it all over again, a small group of Environmental Science majors were asked what they wish they had known before they started.  The list may surprise you!  Some themes were more common than others, but you should find some helpful hints! Take Your Chemistry Classes Seriously Chemistry is everywhere! …
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