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Introduction to Environmental Finance

What is Environmental Finance? Environmental finance is a field that on the surface is unfamiliar to most practitioners.  However, most are familiar with some of the tools or products of environmental finance such as emissions trading and land trusts for conservation.   This field essentially takes a financial look and methodology to address environmental issues.  The…
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The Concrete Jungle: Study of Urban Landscapes as Environmental Science

Many universities in North America and in Europe now offer studies of the urban environment BAs/BScs MAs/MScs in such subjects as Urban Studies and Urban Archaeology. The growing importance of our towns and cities means they are now a subject of major academic study – an area that is only expected to grow as we…
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NEPA 101: Introduction to United States Environmental Policy

What is NEPA? The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) is one of the shortest laws to exist and is less than 6 pages in length.  NEPA was passed by Congress in 1969, signed into law on January 1, 1970 by President Richard Nixon and set the stage for environmental policy for the United States (1). …
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