Anthropology Degree

Famous anthropologist, Margaret Mead said, "Anthropology demands the open-mindedness with which one must look and listen, record in astonishment and wonder at that which one would not have been able to guess." This one quote sums up what a degree in anthropology is. Anthropology is the study of people throughout the world, their history, their behavior and how they adapt, socialize and communicate with each other.

Why Study Anthropology?

Studying anthropology can be fascinating, worthwhile and can grow into a satisfying career. The diversity of the subject allows students to take part in all levels of the study. Opportunities to change the world are at an anthropologists' fingertips through traveling, volunteering, teaching and more. Anthropology creates a bridge between the sciences and the humanities and at the same time teaches students to develop critical thinking, communication, group processes and independent study. Those who study anthropology will understand human behavior in their own backyard as well as throughout the entire world, understand their family and those in the workplace better, and get a thorough understanding of customs from different cultures. Some industries that put anthropologists to work are education, human services, medicine, governmental agencies, law offices, and marketing/media.

Why Is Anthropology Important?

It is important for us to understand our origins, and also to understand cultures in the world outside of our own. People of one culture may have traditions and practices that another culture wouldn't fully understand. Anthropology bridges the gaps among these cultural differences. Second, it's advantageous for the economy because if people of different cultures can communicate better and understand each other's value systems and culture, business dealings will be more successful. Anthropology combines everything together so we can get a solid understanding of various human cultures from the past to the present and use this information to move into the future.

How Can I use an Online Anthropology Degree?

Anthropology opportunities are expected to rise between now and 2024. More and more employers in education, business, non-profit and government are seeking educated professionals in this field due to the international scope of our world today. Academic colleges need anthropologists to teach and conduct research. They also need professionals to write research papers and books in the field. Corporations look to hire anthropologists because they need to collect market research, customer behaviors, and multi-cultural information. The government use anthropologists to plan, research, and manage the differences among cultures. Forensics, federal legislative mandates, and government funded projects all need to be assessed, and an anthropology degree is required for the job. Lastly, non-profit organizations need anthropologists to help with what is needed for the less fortunate within a community.

Anthropology Bachelor's Degree Online Programs

A bachelor's degree in anthropology can be earned through an online program. Most programs are affordable, flexible and self-paced so students can fit the study into their other life commitments. There are many online programs to choose from but two excellent anthropology programs stand above the rest. They are Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) and Arizona State University (ASU).

School Spotlight

Southern New Hampshire University

SNHU offers both online and on campus degrees in anthropology, both that combine theory and problem solving to prepare students for real world issues. This flexible, convenient online program is designed for success. It is affordable, convenient and offers expert instruction. In addition to a superior program, it offers excellent advisors and coaches to help lead students to a successful future. Online courses are designed to teach students how to evaluate diversity throughout multi cultures and how to find solutions to complex situations, demonstrate professional and ethical collection of anthropological data and learn how to analyze research and data to access findings. Some courses include Human Origins and Evolution, Anthropology in the Contemporary World, Ethics in Anthropology, and Research Methods. SNHU offers some of the lowest tuition in the country. SNHU is also accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges.

Arizona State University

ASU was established in 1885 and offers more than 350 undergraduate and graduate anthropology programs and is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. ASU's online program is offered through their reputable School of Human Evolution and Social Change. The online bachelors degree focuses on human evolution and how evolution played a role in social, cultural and biological areas. Students will learn critical thinking skills, strong communication skills and use scientific methods to gather, analyze and formulate data. Other sciences including biology, humanities and social sciences will be covered so the student learns and grasps all areas of human behavior. Some typical classes included human evolution, food and culture, urban and environmental health and human evolution and disease. There are also research apprenticeships that teams an undergraduate with a faculty to work together on innovative research projects. Online students will be taught by the same faculty as the on campus classes giving them access to academic counseling, coaches and advisors.

BA in Geospatial Technology

SNHU's BA in Anthropology with a concentration in Geospatial Technologies studies how to help people live more efficiently and effectively in their environment. Geospatial scientists are instrumental in solving some of the world's difficult issues from protecting natural environments to ensuring adequate water supplies and proactive emergency planning. This online program teaches students how to recognize and respond to both environmental and cultural challenges by studying the past and using the data to move into a better future. Students will complete general introduction to geospatial thinking and will be exposed to the foundations of geospatial science while problem solving and developing critical reasoning thought lectures, demonstrations and hands on experiences. Students will combine virtual learning and theory with hands on problem solving to get the most out of Southern New Hampshire's exceptional online program.

UT Dallas is another school that offers a BA in Geospatial Technology. Their rigorous program teaches the fundamental theories, concepts, analytical research methods and tools especially for the information services areas. Students enrolled in this program will master technology to lead them to understanding how to manage our environments. A UT Dallas GIS graduate will have the knowledge and background necessary to successfully perform GIS projects and operations in both the public and private sectors. Students will be ready to understand geographic data, solve spatial problems, apply GIS technology to real world issues and learn to plan, and execute a complete GIS project from start to finish.

BA In Environmental Sustainability

SNHU is committed to helping students succeed and their BA in Anthropology with a concentration in Environmental Sustainability program recognizes how important this career field is. This program will teach students how to recognize and more importantly respond to both environmental and cultural challenges by studying the past and how it effects the future. Courses will use virtual experiences, role playing and problem solving skills necessary for success in this sought after career.

The University of Florida offers an online BA In Environmental Sustainability program and is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges. Their exceptional and flexible online program in Environmental Sustainability will prepare students for career success. With a UF online degree students will secure positions in various fields in the agricultural, environmental and natural sciences. This program offers core classes in sustainable food and fiber production, water and energy resources environmental policy and more. Online students will gain a solid foundation and will be able to apply what they experience in their careers.

Online Bachelor's Anthropology Degree Requirements

There are some general classes that are required to earn an online Bachelor's Anthropology degree. This is comprised of three interrelated components. Foundation courses, Exploration courses and Social and Behavioral Sciences. Each segment teaches the student how to explore and solve problems using communications, fine arts, social and behavior and science, math and technology.

Example Online Anthropology Courses

Some example courses that may be required to earn an online anthropology degree are World Geography, Religions of the World, Earth System Science, Introduction to Anthropology, Foundations in Archaeology, Ethics, Origins of Anthropology and Social Science Research. Electives are available to fine tune to the students' interests and career path goals. Each program varies so refer to the individual program for exact details.

Tuition and Costs for Online Anthropology

Tuition rates for SNHU's online degree programs are among the lowest in the country. Tuition is $320 per credit hour and no application fee is required. Financial aid packages are available making it easy and cost effective to earn a degree online.

Importance of Accreditation for Online Anthropology Programs

Accreditation for online degree programs assures a high standard of education is provided. Although accreditation is a non-governmental process and voluntary, it establishes universities as quality organizations. Accreditation helps students choose quality programs, affords employers to confidently recruit well educated graduates and gives universities a structured method to evaluate, and improve their program's quality.

Schools for Anthropology

There are many online schools for anthropology but Southern New Hampshire stands out as an exceptional choice. It not only has a superior reputation as graduating some of the most prepared candidates, it's flexible curriculum and competitive tuition is also highly rated. Other online schools for anthropology to consider are UT Dallas, University of Florida and Arizona University, all accredited institutions.

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