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Earning an Environmental Science Degree in Connecticut

As the third smallest state by land area, it's kind of true that there isn't really technically a lot of environment to go around in Connecticut. We're better known for our heavy industrial base and financial and insurance industry today.

But that just makes the natural resources we do have even more important. The Connecticut and Thames Rivers and our Long Island Sound shoreline all include important water resources to be studied and protected. Some of the most scenic stretches of the Appalachian Trail snake along near the New York border, where the roar of the Housatonic sounds through stands of forest that could be somewhere in the Canadian wilderness rather than just 60 miles outside of New York City.

And, equally importantly, we've got some of the finest educational bona fides in the nation. Ever heard of Yale? Trinity? Wesleyan? Put them all together and you have a great state to learn and live environmental science right here.

What Can I Do with an Environmental Science Degree in Connecticut

Connecticut may not have the same wealth of outdoor job opportunities you'd find in larger states, but that doesn't mean you won't find the perfect place to put your know-how and reverence for the natural beauty of the state to work in the field of environmental science. State and local agencies have the same compliance and ecological responsibilities as in any state, and major international corporations like Arcadis, specializing in design and consultation for natural and built environments, have offices here.

You'll find better than average salaries in those positions, too, with conservation scientists making an average of $86,400 annually according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

2020 US Bureau of Labor Statistics salary figures and job growth projections for Conservation Scientists reflect state data not school-specific information. Conditions in your area may vary. Data accessed September 2021.

Master's in Environmental Science in Connecticut

Yale,naturally, comes through with one of the top environmental programs in the country. The premier Ivy League school has master's degrees in both Forest Science and Environmental Science whose prestige is well worth the price… if you can afford it.

Of course, a great education is available at a much lower cost at public schools such as Central Connecticut State University in New Britain, which has a highly respected MA available in Ecology and Environmental Science.

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Bachelor's in Environmental Science in Connecticut

If Yale's price tag is a little too much for you, you might be surprised to learn that one of the other top environmental science schools in the state will pay youto attend. Of course, it comes with a minor caveat: you have to join the Coast Guard to get in.

But, considering their responsibilities, it makes quite a lot of sense that the United States Coast Guard Academy might want to have a lot of officers well-trained in oceanography and environmental science. Their Marine and Environmental Science major takes advantage of the Academy's location on the shores of the Thames in New London and ready access to a fleet of ocean-going ships, including the dedicated research vessel the Michael J. Greely, to offer a superb degree program, courtesy of Uncle Sam. And when you leave the service, the degree comes with you.

Of course, there are other great public school options like Eastern Connecticut that don't require you to join the military first. And Wesleyan has a bachelor's in environmental studies that delivers an interdisciplinary education with broad applications.

Online Environmental Science Degree Options from Schools in Connecticut

Online degrees are becoming more and more popular in every field of study, and for obvious reasons:

  • They can be less expensive than traditional degrees, because schools don't have to pay for classroom or lab space.
  • Student's don't have to relocate to attend school.
  • Class content can be tackled whenever and wherever you find it convenient, allowing you to hold down a regular job even as you further your education.

So it's great news for students both in and outside Connecticut that the state offers a few different online options in environmental science programs.

TheUniversity of New Haven offers an online master's degree program in Environmental Engineering. An emphasis on the integration of theory with real world application keeps the focus grounded in practice, and the program uses a final project instead of a traditional exam to deliver even more practical education.

And UConn has an innovative Master of Energy and Environmental Management that combines a study of energy needs, environmental law, and science to give you a head start in renewables and natural resource planning.